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Teaching confident
expression of thought
for professionals

technical writing, public speaking, narrative non-ficiton,
editing skills, structure & delivery of message, copywriting,
neurolinguistic programming, tone of voice, body language.


We Believe, Perceive, Convince.

We believe in language. Language that shapes our thoughts and actions. Language that drives us, that defines us. The urge to express thought ever louder and clearer is hardcoded in the evolution of human communication. Proper voicing of intent and opinion is key for achieving that distilled version of the self we all seek; a new and improved “me”, in both professional and personal sense.

We believe in original thought and its delivery.

Because we value individuality. Because we believe in thinking authentically, in the inner voice we each posses.

We believe in success. Success, not as a means to an end but as the process. A state of mind that covers all aspects of life, and maintains balance through reflection, assessment, response and resonance.

Who we work with

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Your Instructor

Kalina Panayotova

Kalina Panayotova


Writer. Business developer. Lecturer. Traveler. Book junky.

I want your readers to love you. Your clients to trust you. Your audience to go crazy over what you have to say. It is what drives me out of bed each morning.

My professional life consists largely of my experience in Business Development, which taught me how to apply my particular skills of communication in seeking out business opportunities. After I saw my professional network get too vast too fast, I had to further invest in building relationships online. I developed a methodology based on my firm belief that EACH WORD MATTERS. That honest words build meaningful relationships. (That "sometimes I just say stuff" is for little girls.)

I am a published novelist, and I love teaching Creative Writing to my students. I've studied Fiction writing at Boston University. I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication; and Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria. I also have a Master's degree in Language and Culture from Sofia University.

Why we write?

We communicate primarily through writing. We write emails and we send messages in Slack. We document projects in Notion. We send meeting invites with a written description of the purpose. Each email and each Slack message can be a vehicle for us to improve, only if we knew how...Lucky for you - we do!

But what we all know is that we’re writing all the time. Here’s why: