We Believe, Perceive, Convince.

We believe in language. Language that shapes our thoughts and actions. Language that drives us, that defines us. The urge to express thought ever louder and clearer is hardcoded in the evolution of human communication. Proper voicing of intent and opinion is key for achieving that distilled version of the self we all seek; a new and improved “me”, in both professional and personal sense.

We believe in original thought and its delivery.

Because we value individuality. Because we believe in thinking authentically, in the inner voice we each posses.

We believe in success. Success, not as a means to an end but as the process. A state of mind that covers all aspects of life, and maintains balance through reflection, assessment, response and resonance.

True success, obtained through making the most of one’s mind, creativity and talents, applied as a positive force on others.

We are driven by purpose. The search and craftsmanship of words, spoken and written, words beyond just definitions but rather powerful tools drawn from the heart, equipped to change the status quo of business, social and political environments. Words that question, challenge and improve. Not words but keys.

For language is exactly that, the key to what we want to become

We believe in the future, and that it will bring new tools to serve this generation and improve the next.

Regardless of industry or era, the lack or poor communication is the cause of all historical conflict.

The story of Babel is the oldest one in book. The world would be a better place, if only we spoke the same language…

Every war has been originally a personal one. Dysfunctional and stubborn, a struggle to bend or express one’s own mindset, as to fit and flow with the mindset of others, rather than collide. It has, is and will be a war we cannot win alone. Because this game we live is not for “single player”.

We also like to believe that your mind is your greatest weapon. What we humbly offer, is to assist you in perfecting the martial art to wield that weapon. Our training system is casual, discrete and custom-tailored, designed to help organise your thoughts, load your words and sharpen your tongue. Once we set the foundations, you will be able to apply it by yourself in the future, and calibrate your spoken and written patterns accordingly to the situation.

WordBorn is not a course. It’s a rewiring experience, created by people who seek to make a difference in the world through the proper use of language. NLP is often addressed in a negative political context. But what if NLP was used to improve everyday life through mutual understanding, compassion and self-expression? We believe in the use of all the tools available for the greater good, and would love to share them with you.

We are convinced that communication needs to shift to a more innovative and honest form, a place where “getting real” leads to real results. In business or in personal relationships, modern people are tired of bullshit. The media and advertising are more and more abandoning the old ways of “sugar-coating” for the masses, as the Internet has allowed people to be informed and aware. Yet the Internet has also somewhat challenged live spoken communication, noticeably in the younger generations.

Genuine communication is rooted in listening to others, authentically and with interest. And when it is our time to respond, to pause when necessary, breathe, and express a frank opinion in our own voice; a message that is fearless and vulnerable, non offensive, yet unapologetic.

With Wordborn, you will develop your ability to write, speak, motivate, and inspire others. We will teach you how to draw yourself out, on command, and in control.

Learning how to write in your own voice builds bridges between thought and feeling, reason and intuition, idea and action.

We like to lead by example. The philosophy we follow we bestow upon you. We don’t stay static. We live the work we lead. We love the work we do.

We are WordBorn, and we’d like to have a word with you.